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Ellev8 Enrollment

The 3 benefits of You learning to Trade:

1. You can make money from anywhere
2. It's a Skill that no one can take from you.
3. Become financially independent and you won't have to rely on anyone for your income ever again.

When you join Ellev8 - you will be joining the best
Forex and Crypto education platform in the world.


Gain exclusive access to over 50 hours of live & recorded sessions each week from elite educators


Experience the power of Artificial Intelligence, Gamification, and Trading & Growth Tools


Join a members-only community for education, awards, and recognition all in multiple languages

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Ellev8 is a Legacy Management Platform to:
  • Teach you Financial Literacy
  • ​Coach you on Forex and Crypto Trading
  • Empower you to Design Your Own Life

Our Reviews

Pricella C.

I'm a single mother of three children who always struggled to provide for us financially. I was able to become a full-time trader in less than a year. Now I'm able to spend all the time in the world with my kids!

Daniele C.

I have 0 years of experience with trading, but I love how much Ellev8 has made learning about it easy!

Sandy H.

I’ve always been curious about forex trading but never had the background or upbringing to learn anything about it. Ellev8 has the best teachers in the world that makes you just get it.


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